This blog is by Adrian McMenamin: I am a 47 year-old international political consultant (a director at Centreground Politicial Communications). I am Irish, from Belfast, but have lived in London (apart from university years in Edinburgh) since I was a teenager. I worked for the Labour Party, in one capacity or another, more or less continuously from 1993 to 2005, and I am pretty proud of that. Though I would probably say the best thing that can be said about Gordon Brown’s premiership was that he was not a Tory…

I live with my partner, the long suffering Lorraine, and our two teenage daughters in one of the few areas of the country to vote ‘yes’ in the AV referendum (and it’s all the better for that).

I am also a computer science PhD student and blog on computing and similar issues at Cartesian Product. This blog will be (mainly) about the books I read and what I think of them. It will be more political than Cartesian Product but it won’t be about politics as such. Links to Amazon pages will likely be included.


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